Release Notes Running the Playbook

Deploy the Fraxses Core Platform

1. Start the kube container with the correct version.

2. Setup kube config. This can either be pasted into the default file location (~/.kube/config) or copied into the mounted directory from the host and then copied into the default file location.

  • 2.1 Once the config file is correct, test connection to the cluster.
    • Command in terminal:
kubectl get nodes -o wide

3. View and amend the fields in the option.yml file and make sure they are correct for your cluster. Please see important field information in Playbook Structure.

4. Generate the Kuberentes yaml files for the cluster.
Command in terminal:

sh v

5. (Optional) Read a sample of the yaml files in “`playbook/release/manifests” to confirm yaml has been generated as per expectation.

6. Apply Kubernetes yaml to the cluster. Command in terminal:

sh v

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