Bespoke Development


We enable developers to build applications as rapidly as it would take to prototype.

We develop custom software applications for desktop and mobile as an exact fit to your requirements. Whether we’re building bespoke applications from scratch or breathing new life into legacy systems, we deliver comprehensive solutions that are designed to meet your organisation’s unique needs.  

Investing in bespoke software development offers several advantages, with optimal scalability and flexibility being key. A tailor-made solution enables your business to expand to meet evolving needs and objectives. Moreover, it gives you the opportunity to differentiate your business and gain an advantage over your competitors. 

Where technology is not dictated, we utilise our application development module, Opus, which forms part of Fraxses. Through JSON dashboards, we build applications that interface to Fraxses Data Objects. These applications range from classic desktop web-apps to mobile apps that can tap into the native features of handheld devices. 

Intenda has a solid track record in creating successful applications for businesses in various industries. Our broad experience and specialist expertise will ensure the success of your bespoke project. 


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