As we advance through the Fourth Industrial Revolution, organizations are seeing the importance of treating their data as an asset and extracting more value from it. 

There are many products on the market that can help companies to do this, but if your priorities are to create a data-driven enterprise and to be as efficient and cost-effective as possible, then there is only one solution you should consider: Fraxses, the world’s foremost distributed data platform.

Fraxses provides customers with access to data on demand, delivering powerful insights via a solution that enables a data mesh or data fabric architecture. Think of a data mesh as a structure that can be laid over disparate data sources, connecting them, and enabling them to function as a single environment. Unlike other data integration and virtualization platforms, the Fraxses data platform has a decentralized architecture. While Fraxses fully supports traditional data integration processes, the future lies in a new approach, whereby data is served directly to users without the need for a centrally owned data lake or platform.

So, you might ask, what can Fraxses do for my organization in business terms? The fact is, there is no better way to get maximum value from your data or prepare your organization for the next chapter in its evolution. The platform enables you to access data in real time, digest and manipulate raw data, distribute you AI and ML routines, and accelerate your data management. This ultimately translates to faster time to market for your new products. To support your data mesh (or data fabric) architecture, Fraxses assures you of continuous data discovery, a complete data lineage picture, metadata management, cross-system transaction level audit capabilities, and rigorous security protocols, supporting all aspects of data governance. 

As a low-code/no-code platform, Fraxses enables you to democratize your data, making it accessible to anyone in your organization without the need for IT support. It is highly scalable, and requires less infrastructure and fewer resources than other frameworks, resulting in a significantly lower total cost of ownership.


Fraxses was engineered from the ground-up to be a business insight enabler. It enables operational analytics in a business agile fashion. With Fraxses, data has significant value to an organisation and can be leveraged quickly and effectively in a consistent way by all.



The technology stack that we’ve built allows you to deploy and develop microservices / functions in a serverless way.

We have created a service experience so that we are not just deploying functions, but you’re building applications which are compositions/ orchestrations of functions and APIs in state managed data flows.

This helps you to do more compelling, more interesting applications that are front end, back end, that are reactive, eventful etc. 



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