We are changing the way insurance is done by building a solution that is intuitive, easy to use and provides one technology stack for all solutions.

IFS is a future-proof InsurTech company hugely inspired by global trends in technology and business models.

We are focused on delivering best in class solutions and services that incorporate a client centric approach that the industry and clients can intrinsically relate to.

Our teams’ combined experience in all facets of the industry equips us to deliver platform propositions capable of servicing the unique challenges and opportunities facing the industry.

We want to be your partner on the journey, one you can trust and can rely on to collaborate with in creating the solutions and services you need to deliver for your clients and grow your business.


Nebula serves the short-term insurance industry as a comprehensive software solution for insurance administration and underwriting agencies.

A great strength of Nebula is the interoperability of a cloud solution. Underwriters and Insurers have the option to give brokers the option of viewing and verifying their data. Likewise, brokerages may allow their Underwriters and Insurers access to quote, process claims and approve business. All of this governed with role-based security and workflow.

Nebula is approved by multiple Insurers and completes monthly debit orders through various collection agencies.


The primary role of a Cell Captive is to insure, the risk exposure of a company, fellow subsidiaries, and / or have the facility to roll out its own type of insurance product to its clients, customer base or to the market.

Rather than pay a premium to an insurance company to protect itself or its clients, from any exposure, it uses its own “captive” as a type of funding mechanism for potential claims in the future. The captive may be domiciled (located) onshore or offshore, depending on the needs of the owner of the Cell Captive.

In terms of the structure, the Cell Captive owner holds an equity participation in a specific class or type of insurance of an insurer. The Cell owner is entitled to share in profits, have access to underwriting profits, and any investment income generated from premiums. By analyzing the risk exposure, the “unacceptable” or high levels of risk exposures are transferred to a re-insurer(s) that incorporates effective safety and loss preventions measures.

We help companies insure and manage their risk exposure with regards to cell captives. IFS is involved in multiple successful Cell Captive solutions and always on the lookout for new markets to become involved in.


Mercury is a market leading short-term insurance administrator and underwriting agency with the goal of providing our clients with a convenient and speedy service.

We offer portfolio management, policy and claims administration with a specific focus on personal, commercial, agricultural and various niche insurance products such as professional indemnity and engineering. Cell captives can be set up and managed by us for larger clients or specific groups.

Our service is delivered with integrity and we assist tremendously in reducing the administrative burden of our clients. No matter the size of your business, you’ll never feel small with us.

Mercury is a registered FSP (17405) that has been operating across South Africa since 2004, specializing in short-term insurance administration and underwriting management.

We differentiate ourselves by offering unparalleled service to our brokers and work closely with numerous insurance providers to obtain the best quote as quickly as possible for your client. At Mercury we pride ourselves on our caring nature and the personal touch that we give our clients.

Leveraging off Intenda’s technology, we are a front-runner for brokers and insurers who need to work quicker and better. Our team is a wonderful group of caring individuals who provide a personalized service to our clients.

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