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Fraxses Turaco is out next month!

We’re excited to announce that the latest version of Fraxses, Turaco, is due for release at the end of February. 

This eagerly anticipated release is the most powerful iteration of the platform to date. The first thing users will notice is the slick new Legoz interface and the enhanced user experience it delivers. Turaco comes packed with new features and functions – these include Object Versioning, a game-changing concept that enables organisations to put a controlled development strategy and release process in place for Data Objects;  Workspaces, a feature that lets users work on more than one Data Object at a time; an improved, fully interactive Data Pedigree feature; and Source Control, which allows for Data Object metadata to be uploaded to source control systems. 

That’s just the beginning – there’s a whole lot more to Turaco! Be sure to read our blog, which includes a PDF you can download, if you’d like to know more about Turaco‘s new features.

Bespoke mobile app has immediate impact 

Intenda recently developed a bespoke mobile app that has added significant value for one of our key customers, a large global shipping company.

For the customer’s large scale operations within Africa and South Africa, reports had to be done manually for each movement of cargo/containers through the warehouses. This included processes such as receiving of trucks and containers, packing cargo into containers, and dispatching the containers to the designated port or local destination within the country. The reports facilitate transactional data capturing and also generate photo evidence reports, which are shared with customers on request throughout the process of handling the cargo.

The mobile app was created to optimise the process of generating movement reports, providing customers with evidence of movements done with regard to their cargo, and also ensuring that evidence can be shared with the customer on movements of cargo and the state of the cargo throughout the supply chain. It has been highly successful in this regard. It eradicates the reliance on manual processes, guiding users through each step of the procedure from beginning to end. Generating movement reports in PDF form now requires far less human effort than was previously the case, and this has enabled the customer to reduce associated labour costs by approximately 3x.

Prior to the introduction of the mobile app a manual tallying process was used to enter documents into the Business Operating System, resulting in frequent recapture errors. Utilising the mobile application, the customer now integrates directly to the Business Operating System from the tablet on which movements of cargo are being captured. This has significantly reduced the time required to capture the requisite information, eradicated duplicate captures and minimised the number of finger errors that occur during the process. In addition, Special Service Requests can now be captured on the tablet, improving billing accuracy and resulting in less leakage.

The mobile app was developed in Opus, the application development framework that forms part of Fraxses. Opus proved ideal for building a solution of this kind, offering the flexibility to implement changes in requirements at short notice and without affecting the project timeline. Following its success in South Africa, the app is currently being rolled out in other African countries. 

Happy Birthday to Us!

Last but not least, we’re very proud to celebrate Intenda’s 22nd birthday this month! During our time in existence, we’ve enjoyed tremendous growth and many memorable successes, learnt important lessons and built lasting relationships with our customers. We believe that our longevity is testament to the quality of our products and the service we provide. As we look to our 23rd year and beyond, the spirit of innovation that has been part of our DNA from the start will continue to drive us to create the next generation of ground-breaking products to help our customers attain new levels of success.

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