Gartner® on the Metadata-Driven Data Fabric

In the ever-changing landscape of data management, new innovations frequently disappear as quickly as they emerged. Others stick around a little longer, but never quite deliver on their initial promise. And then there are those that bring about a sea change, making us wonder how we got by before they existed. If, when you first heard the term ‘data fabric’, you dismissed it as a soon to be forgotten fad, think again.

Since it was first identified in the early 2010’s, the concept of the data fabric has steadily gained credibility and is now widely accepted as representing the future of data management. Perhaps its most important advocate has been the technological research and consultancy firm, Gartner. Having made the case for the data fabric in several previous reports, Gartner reaffirms its views in Top Trends in Data and Analytics, 2022.

“The data fabric listens, learns and acts on metadata. It applies continuous analytics over existing, discoverable and inferenced metadata assets. By assembling and enriching the semantics of the underlying data, the data fabric generates alerts and recommendations that can be actioned by people and systems. It improves trust in, and use of, data in your organization as a result.”

The data fabric as defined by Gartner is an architectural model and as such, it goes beyond what any single product can deliver. However, we at Intenda believe that the data fabric model and Fraxses have much in common, with the metadata-driven approach being the common denominator. “Metadata analysis can expose hidden insights into business demand, metadata sharing can speed up integration and decision making, and metadata can reinvent governance and reduce risk.” We believe that these and other key advantages the report outlines in the context of the data fabric are also applicable to Fraxses.

If you’re interested in the data fabric concept or you’d like to find out more about what comes next in the data and analytics world, the report is highly recommended.

Fraxses Point Solution: Real-Time Access to Data

Fraxses Video: The Bride's Bouquet

If you watch sport on TV, you’ll have noticed the proliferation of advertising by online gaming companies. The industry has grown enormously in recent years and has become extremely competitive. 

To remain at the forefront, gaming providers must deal with massive volumes of data. A provider that was experiencing difficulty with this invited Intenda to conduct a point solution to demonstrate the difference Fraxses could make to its business.  

The gaming provider required a solution that enabled rapid decision making, with automatic data collection and aggregation in real-time or near-real-time being non-negotiable requirements.

The point solution proved Fraxses’ capacity to solve the gaming provider’s immediate data challenges, delivering all key objectives as well as several additional ROIs. Further to this, it provided a clear indication of the advantages a full implementation would deliver.

Given that Fraxses harnesses the latest available tech to work its magic, it’s easy to get a little technical when extolling the platform’s virtues. Indeed, many of our previous marketing initiatives have taken this approach. 

But this is a platform for business users – people who care about accessing the data they need when they need it, and not so much about how that data arrived on their screens. 

Technically inclined or not, we all have expectations when it comes to the software we use every day and understand how frustrating it is when it doesn’t deliver.

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