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Introducing Fraxses Cheetah Release

Our customers will be pleased to know that the latest version of Fraxses, Cheetah, goes live this month. 

Cheetah comes in the wake of last year’s groundbreaking Turaco release, which was universally well received by our customers due to its powerful new features and refreshed UI. These features remain unchanged in Cheetah; with this release our focus has been on the platform’s backend. Cheetah represents another important step in the advance of Fraxses, due to the significant improvements we’ve made to our Compute and Security Engine. 

These improvements are facilitated by the integration of Apache Kyuubi, an open-source Thrift JDBC/ODBC server built on Apache Spark, into Fraxses. Kyuubi removes the need for a custom Security Server, thus streamlining Fraxses’ architecture, improving efficiency and reducing complexity. Another advantage Kyuubi introduces is the ability to use Native Spark drivers, eliminating dependencies and ensuring that Fraxses aligns with industry standards. In addition, Kyuubi replaces the Spark Thrift Server, offering optimised resource management and multi-tenancy support, and leading to improved resource utilisation and scalability. With Kyuubi in place, Fraxses utilises resources only when needed, ensuring efficient handling of workloads and user demand – and ultimately translating to significant cost savings for our customers.

Read our blog to discover more about the Cheetah release:

Celebrating 10 years of Fraxses

As you may have seen on social media, we celebrate 10 years of Fraxses this year! It seems fitting that Cheetah – the fastest, most scalable and most efficient version of Fraxses to date – should be released in the platform’s 10th year. We’d like to say a word of thanks to all the customers who have shared the journey with us over the past decade – as well as to our newer customers who have been exposed to the Fraxses factor in more recent years. Of course, we’re very proud of the fact that Fraxses has disrupted data management practices, gained an international profile, and had a positive impact on the performance of organisations all over the world since its initial launch in 2014. Be that as it may, as far as we at Intenda are concerned this is just the beginning: with further innovation in the pipeline, we’re confident that Fraxses will have an even bigger impact on the performance of your business and on the data landscape at large over the next decade.  

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