The new fraXses platform release is a data fabric unlike any other: An end-to-end platform for data discovery; technical metadata and business metadata management; data integration; query management; and data virtualization by means of data federation as well as data visualisation.

What this means is that data-driven business decisions can be made using real-time data – a critical capability in a world where immediate responses to real-time events are crucial to business success. Large volumes of data from different sources can now be integrated in a consolidated view and data driven insights are delivered within hours rather than weeks.

Market leading businesses demand processing of events on a whole new scale in terms of speed and efficiency – and fraXses delivers exactly that.

The technology stack we’ve built allows you to deploy and develop microservices in a serverless way, enabling limitless scaling and efficient running on all cloud providers.

So, what are the benefits of new release?

  • Complex data integration tasks are automated to free up valuable time and resources.
  • Cost optimisation is maximised with the fraXses adaptive query performance.
  • fraXses, as a metadata database, achieves extensive cost savings and a significantly reduced delivery cycle on data projects.

The future is here. Start taking full advantage of your data today by optimising your data management strategy with fraXses.

Watch the Springbok Release webinar


“fraXses and the Intenda team have enabled and empowered our business and technology to advance our clients and our market in ways that we could not have expected, asked for, or planned. It has been an absolute joy working with them.”

Capital Pipeline is a data analytics tool that allows you find, target, and win public design and construction projects throughout Arizona. This tool allows clients to sort and filter according to market sector, project size, geography, and more. They required an entirely different approach to data processing and management, combined with a solution that would provide best-in-class processes for PDF processing, data storage and business intelligence. This is where fraXses played a key role.

“The impact fraXses and the Intenda team have made is exponential. Their contributor culture and amazing service delivery, combined with state-of-the-art technology has enabled us to go live within a couple of months, rather than the two to three years originally estimated.”