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A leading European retail bank asked Intenda to conduct a Fraxses point solution in its Corporate Banking division. 

The bank’s existing data management systems did not provide a comprehensive customer view. As a result, client managers were unable to generate reports for corporate clients as and when they were required. The point solution’s objective was to deliver a 360° customer view, thus enabling client managers to provide upto-the-minute reports on demand. 

Fraxses connects data sources so that they function as a single virtual environment. It can connect to any core business application, process unstructured information, and discover relationships between disparate data sets. The platform assures access to any data in real time, regardless of its location, size, or the technology it is in. Fraxses leverages metadata-driven data products that hold no data themselves. This makes it optimal from a GDPR compliance perspective, and allows organizations to integrate all their clientrelated data with full security. 

These factors made Fraxses the ideal solution to deliver what the retail bank required.


  • The bank comprised a domestic operation servicing locally-based customers, and an international operation focused on customers in other countries. This structure presented a challenge in itself, as corporate banking clients – especially those based in the European Union – typically have a presence in more than one country.
  • Each operation had its own IT solution in place. Client identification information was not represented in the same way across their respective DB2 systems, and the format and organization of data was also different. 
  • In addition to their primary DB2 systems, both operations had important customer data on several other platforms. These included email, customer service records, historical files and Twitter. There was very little in the way of integration or connection between these data sources.  
  • As a result of these issues, creating a single report could take up to 6 weeks and involve as many as 6 people. With the Corporate Banking division spending a further 10,000 man-hours each year on data discovery alone, the situation had become unsustainable.



Data source discovery involved 70 tables, some containing more than 100 million records. Fraxses took less than a minute to discover and capture the initial metadata.

  • The multi-key discovery process took 74 hours, and eradicated the annual data discovery overhead of 10,000 man-hours.
  • Discovering 2 Oracle data sources and both DB2 data sources involved moving 629 tables containing over 10,000 columns.
  • 3 terabytes of data containing 24 billion records were moved into Fraxses’ columnar storage (Parquet files). This took 12 hours using 6 cores – with 32 cores, it would have been completed in half the time.
  • Initial single key relationship discovery was completed in under 4 hours. The process would have taken an estimated 52 hours using a single core rather than a cluster of servers.
  • The Domestic and International Operations’ primary data sources were connected in 2 days.
  • Fraxses enabled data visualization to be completed in minutes, and executed queries on record sets containing more than 140 million records in 2 to 3 seconds.
  • Key relationship discovery: 1 key took 10 minutes, 2 key took 2 hours.
  • Data objects were configured and tested in 2 days.


The Fraxses implementation was conducted over 14 days, and presented the bank with
an excellent ROI:

  • The 360°customer view that had been lacking was successfully delivered.
  • Self-service: Client managers were shown how to access the data using the bank’s preferred BI tool. They were also shown how to perform validations and fine tuning on data objects.
  • For the first time, client managers were able to conduct real-time analysis on any corporate client’s account across the entire bank, and promptly provide their clients with up-to-theminute reports.
  • The ability to rapidly deliver comprehensive analysis, regardless of underlying systems, represented a distinct advantage in the highly competitive international banking arena.
  • Instead of spending 10,000 man-hours on data discovery each year and incurring costs of €2,000,000 in the process, the Fraxses implementation enabled the bank to dedicate just one resource to data discovery on a part-time basis, and at negligible cost.
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