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An online sports betting and gaming provider asked Intenda to conduct a point solution to establish whether Fraxses had the capability to meet its expanding data needs.

The gaming provider was investigating solutions with the potential to replace its existing data management system and processes, which were inefficient
and did not support future growth.

It required a solution that assured speed, accuracy and availability of management reporting, thus enabling faster decision making. As a key requirement, the system needed to facilitate automatic data collection and aggregation in real-time or near-real-time.

Fraxses’ track record in connecting disparate data sources and making data available on demand is well-documented. Along with the unparalleled flexibility and scalability it offers, this made the platform a strong contender to deliver the real-time access to data the gaming provider needed.


The limitations of the gaming provider’s existing data management processes and systems had given rise to a series of problems.
  • Reliance on Excel Spreadsheets and manual processes to collect and manipulate data for use in management reporting dashboards:
    –  Very time-consuming
    –  Limited scalability
    –  Insufficient flexibility for advanced BI and reporting
    –  Did not allow for verification against source data, thus accuracy could not be ensured


  • Siloed Data:
    –  Reconciling the data from two external gaming platforms was an ongoing challenge


  • Existing data warehouse was not being utilised due to:
    –  Difficulty in accessing the data
    –  Uncertainty as to whether the data could be trusted



This diagram illustrates how data moved through the Fraxses architecture. 

For the purposes of the point solution, Fraxses federated to a staging database rather than running live queries against the source systems. Due to data quality concerns, the gaming provider’s existing data warehouse was not included in the implementation.

The gaming provider’s existing Excel outputs were replicated in Fraxses Data Objects, which also incorporated player information from the Player Backoffice platform. Fraxses Insights was used to generate dashboards and other reports.

This implementation resolved several pain points, providing a scalable solution that eliminated challenges in accessing data; assured the quality and reliability of data; automatically reconciled data from different systems; and allowed for accurate reports to be produced on demand.


The point solution delivered all key objectives and several additional returns on investment: 

  • Streaming and real-time data was ingested from gaming platforms, with all historical data being stored in the staging database within Fraxses. Full auditability and lineage assured on all data.
  • Transaction dates were aligned across different gaming systems, thereby eliminating duplication, with data cleansing conducted based on defined rules.
  • The introduction of secure, centrally controlled access for all users eliminated opportunities for fraud.
  • Fraxses allowed for reports based on real-time data to be generated automatically, thus eradicating the longstanding difficulties in creating accurate and timely reports.
  • Previously siloed data from disparate external gaming platforms was successfully reconciled, based on rules with notifications. 
  • Daily, monthly and weekly reports and dashboards were reproduced as required. Creating more charts and exporting data for presentations or storyboards is an easy process. 
  • The Fraxses implementation delivered trusted data that required minimal interpretation, with lineage allowing for changes and calculations to be tracked.

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