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Customer 360

Fraxses can deliver a 360° Customer View, regardless of the number of data sources involved or the technology they use. This was demonstrated when the platform was implemented at a retail bank that comprised a domestic and international operation. Each had its own IT solution, with very little in the way of integration between multiple data sources. In the absence of a comprehensive customer view, client reports could not be generated on demand. In 14 days, Fraxses delivered a 360° customer view, along with other valuable ROls.


Fraxses’ capability to provide insights into customer churn was put to the test at an energy provider. The company’s data was retail-focused rather than customer-centric, there was no integration between the systems containing customer data and their feedback, and business reporting was driven by static segmentation rather than aligned to customer lifecycle. Notwithstanding these complexities, Fraxses pinpointed the factors driving customer churn in just 10 days. Without Fraxses, this exercise would have taken an estimated four months.


Fraxses offers a compelling solution for the online gaming industry, in which the ability to make swift, data-driven decisions is critical. It required a platform that ensured speed, accuracy and availability of management reporting. with real-time data collection and aggregation being the primary requirement. When Fraxses was Implemented, it ticked all the boxes. The platform eliminated challenges in accessing data, ensured the quality and reliability of data, automatically reconciled data from different systems and allowed for reports to be produced on demand.


The Internal Audit process as we know it is a costly and complex undertaking. Fraxses advances a new approach, leveraging the power of data virtualization to provide a complete solution to not only the challenges Internal Audit teams face today, but also those they’ll face tomorrow. The platform opens the world of analytics to auditors, presenting the opportunity to incorporate Agile methodology and providing the tools to move beyond typical control and process testing. into dynamic risk management.

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