Opus: application development framework

bespoke solutions | configuration-based | rapid development

Introducing Opus

Opus is a low-code/no-code application development platform and one of Fraxses’ four key modules. Our teams use it to create bespoke solutions and custom applications for our customers.

As a configuration-driven tool, Opus greatly reduces complexity. It is built on the leading UI framework, React, and allows our teams to create applications that interface with Fraxses Data Objects through JSON dashboards.

The power of Opus can be readily accessed via our Bespoke Development offering. We deliver front-end solutions for both desktop and mobile, mobile-specific apps that can tap into the native features of handheld devices, and plugins that extend the lifespan of legacy system.

Speed to Market

Opus supports a rapid development process, allowing for feature delivery times to be reduced by as much as 300%. Our teams can deliver feature enhancements in hours, minor feature in days, medium-sized features in a week and larger features in under a month. This enables our customers to improve their time to market and obtain a swift return on investment for their software.

De-Risk Development

Opus does not require advanced software development skills. Being a configuration-based development environment, it reduces reliance on senior developers. In contrast to typical development teams, Opus teams can comprise primarily junior members, with fewer highly skilled resources. This translates to significantly reduced software development costs for our customers.

Lower Maintenance Costs

All applications created in Opus use the same code base. This eliminates the need to maintain different UI code bases, thereby reducing the total cost of ownership of the software. Maintenance tasks such as framework upgrades and library updates are taken care of by Intenda’s Platform team, allowing development teams to focus on providing our customers with business value.

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