Insights: data visualisation module

automated analytics | storytelling | collaboration

Introducing Insights

Insights, the Fraxses platform’s data visualisation module, incorporates leading business analytics technology with a proven track record in the embedded BI space.

The module enables users to visualise data as soon as Fraxses has been connected to the relevant data source and a Data Object has been configured. Insights provides context, making data easier to understand, and empowering business users to engage directly with data.

The presence of embedded business analytics within the platform makes Fraxses an end-to-end solution to meet all data needs. While Fraxses can be connected to any external BI tool, Insights enables users to get the most out of their data without having to exit the platform.

Insights comprises 7 core components, each with a different function:


A view is a metadata layer that contains all of the relevant information about the data from which reports are to be built. This includes the table structures, join conditions, calculated fields, data formatting etc.


Users create reports based on the data source connections and views that have been defined. Each report comprises a combination of fields, formatting and charts, and can be used across multiple dashboards, presentations and stories.


Signals performs time series analysis of data and generates personalised alerts in response to significant data events. Signals jobs are configured in the metadata layer and can be scheduled to run at any frequency.


Users can create actionable dashboards on a flexible, free-form canvas to display the contents of reports. Dashboards support multiple types of content objects, including filters, interactive buttons, images, text, shapes and icons, as well as custom-coded widgets.