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In the rapidly changing world of retail banking, the majority of client-facing contact is digital.

However, banks still need to maintain a local presence to retain their personal connection with clients. Additional challenges include the fragmentation of client information across multiple systems, frequent client profile changes, reduced profit margins due to low interest rates, and the arrival of FinTech’s on the scene.


Information is a key organizational resource for all levels of management in the public sector. It is central to operations, the provision of services and to the working of a democracy.

Worldwide, Defense Departments face significant challenges in managing information, which ranks as one of their biggest and most valuable assets. The Army, Navy, Air Force and support divisions all need information on the readiness of the entire Defense Department. Information technology is key in facilitating this, however, it is difficult to find an analytics solution that meets a Defense Department’s needs, due to its command-and-control structures. 


Professional service firms require support from ancillary operations to make up-to-date business decisions and mitigate risk when maintaining revenue streams and efficiently pursuing new ones.

The hypothesis is that the customer’s account teams will benefit by having the most up to date market information on their clients.

By aggregating financial performance metrics and market sentiment and then benchmarking those results against those of their peers, teams will be able to make better business decisions, faster.


Our solution for this client entailed two parallel work streams, the first being the conceptualizing of the future state end-to-end process, and the second being the configuration of the corresponding technical components this would require, using the Fraxses platform.

We deployed Fraxses on-premises to host and virtualize the final data set, so that content is delivered via the Fraxses visualization tool.

The client’s original time estimate for completion of their project was two years. We delivered the entire solution in under four months.


A global logistics operation is innately vulnerable to bottlenecks in the supply chain, due to the sheer number of entities and moving parts involved in the business.

Data-driven transformation of the logistics sector is a key focus area in the Fourth Industrial Revolution. 

As part of their efforts to accelerate data-driven transformation within the company, the client ran a pilot project.