Our Values

Intenda’s values lie at the heart of our company

We strive to live by the values that give us our identity, and which we believe make Intenda different from other tech companies. Our values shape our culture, underpin our decision-making processes, and inform our interactions with each other, our partners, and our customers. 


We place a premium on strong moral and ethical principles. Honesty and transparency are paramount to us. We do not allow expedience to cloud our view and are committed to doing the right thing, always.

Exceptional Performance

We set high standards for ourselves, and never hesitate to put in the time and effort to achieve the best possible result. We are committed to providing exceptional service, and continuously seek ways to improve our performance.


We pride ourselves in being tenacious, and responding to challenges by drawing on the blend of determination, persistence and grit that defines us. Our resilience and experience in working as a team enables us to overcome any problem.

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