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Introducing Fraxses

Fraxses by Intenda is a metadata-driven platform that empowers business users to engage directly with data. The platform leverages data virtualization to connect disparate data sources so that they function as a single environment. It allows organisations to create a secure data ecosystem and provides the ideal framework on which to build a data fabric architecture, shipping with over 230 connectors to facilitate the seamless integration of existing and new data sources. Fraxses utilises Data Objects to provide unparalleled speed to data, and offers the capability to write back to source systems through the platform itself.

faster than traditional data integration processes
of traditional IT development effort eliminated
trusted data with data lineage and pedigree views

“By 2025, active metadata-assisted automated functions in the data fabric will reduce human effort by a third, while improving data utilization fourfold.” 

Gartner, Top Trends in Data and Analytics, 2022
Average time
to complete a Fraxses point solution
6 weeks

Advanced Automation

With built-in logic, Fraxses can reduce time spent on data access and ETL by as much as 80%, allowing more time for value-added tasks and increasing productivity.

Infinite Scalability

Fraxses allows vertical and horizontal scaling across multiple platforms, and can be deployed alongside existing data environments or as an edge to an existing data lake.

Ultimate Flexibility

Fraxses can evolve to meet changing business needs. It supports the ecosystems businesses already have in place and can work in conjunction with existing investments.

Fraxses gives you the edge

Fraxses has a proven track record in elevating business performance and accelerating the digital transformation process. The platform is renowned for its scalability, flexibility, and the versatility it offers in a single solution. When organisations choose Fraxses and Intenda, they acquire a futureproof solution for all their data needs, and a partner who works with them to solve challenges. 

Enables data-driven decisions

With real-time access to data, your business decisions are always informed by a view of the entire picture.

Promotes business alignment

Connects disparate data sources to create a unified ecosystem your verified users can engage with.

Delivers rapid return on investment

Reduced delivery cycles for data projects has an immediate impact on your business.

Maximises security

Role-driven, multi-level security controls ensure that your sensitive data never falls into the wrong hands.

Reduces costs

Federating rather than moving or replicating data significantly reduces your hardware and IT costs.

No disruption

Gives your organisation the flexibility to seamlessly integrate new data sources.

What our customers say

Fraxses is utilised in the public sector, banking, health, insurance, logistics, retail and security industries. While we do not disclose the identity of our clients on our website, the platform’s global customer base comprises many prominent organisations that are recognised as leaders in their respective industries.

Gartner Peer Insights provides an indication of how our customers experience Fraxses, with 90% of reviewers recommending the platform. Fraxses performs strongly alongside competing products in the market, achieving an overall rating of 4.3 out of 5. The premium we place on providing outstanding service is evidenced by Fraxses’ high score across the board for Service & Support.

Fraxses gives you the edge

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