We use an innovative approach to data management that enables a business to automate the process of joining multiple sources of data together, while leaving them in place, by adopting a ” configure not code” methodology.


A world where IT empowers business to perform optimally and achieve organisational goals through the utilisation of technology. A motto that ensures that our software development and delivery excellence are one of our strongest differentiators in the market.

We develop custom software applications as an exact fit with to your requirements, whether on a desktop or mobile platform. We provide a comprehensive solution, whether a bespoke solution from scratch, or breathing new life into old, legacy systems.

Unsure of whether to invest? The main advantages of investing in bespoke software development include scalability and flexibility. Customised software allows your business to expand as much is necessary to meet your business needs and objectives. It also best suits your business’ needs and requirements, thus allowing you the opportunity to differentiate yourself from your competition by having a unique solution with a 100% fit to your business.

We have over 20 years’ experience in the market and have developed our own technology stack that allows you to deploy and develop microservices / functions in a serverless way.

With this, we have created a service experience so that we are not just deploying functions, but you’re building applications which are compositions/orchestrations of functions and APIs in state managed data flows.

This helps you to do more compelling, more interesting applications that are front end, back end, reactive and eventful.


The Intenda Solution Suite (ISS) is an end-to-end, fully integrated software solution, which can interface into existing ERP systems or other software investments that a client may have in the enterprise. Dependant on the client configuration, the ISS suite comprises a set of modules of which most can operate in a stand-alone mode or as a collective solution. Developed on the latest state of the art technology, this solution addresses a client’s inbound Spend Management needs. This has been proven repeatedly by our global client base. Each module is unique in its offering:

Supplier Self Service
The Intenda Solution Suite enables self-registration and self-maintenance of supplier data in a secure environment. It thus comprises a true business-to-business facilitation portal, specifically designed for the global Spend Management market. Its main aim is to bring buyer and supplier communities together, via a single system, providing authentication, secure access and encrypted electronic data capture. The solution / service has been developed to cater for all electronic options of access and interaction with electronic Supplier Registration, Questionnaires, Supplier Bids & Quotations and Supplier Contract Management functions (Amendments online) and Supply Purchase Order Management. This is done without compromising the standard non-electronic communication mediums (paper, fax, delivery etc.)

Supplier Management
The Supplier Management solution consists of a combination of activities and the total solution deployed depends on the customer specific process requirements and configuration. The Supplier Management functions include Online / Offline Questionnaires, a Supplier Self Service ability (Registration & Updates), and Supplier Database Detail Maintenance features. Triggers can be set for automated reminders for alerts to strategic objectives, such as Tax Clearance Certificate expiry etc.

The Intenda Solution Suite’s Quotation Module automates the complete process from the end user request through procurement’s request for Quotations and the evaluation process and is used for the typical 3 quote or daily procurement function, where non-complex bidding is involved.

Request for Sourcing
The Request for Sourcing capability addresses the process of end users electronically capturing requests, in a structured manner. Thereafter these requests are available to the sourcing / procurement function, where the request merely gets switched into a Quotation or Tender / Bid for completion of the process.

The Intenda Solution Suite’s RFx Module automates the complete process from end user requisitions, through the build, issue and evaluate process, ending with a formal approved contract or pro-forma Purchase Order. The capability to create any type of request exists, be it a request for a quotation, bid, tender, service et al. Dependant on the type, the necessary business process and logic is followed for the desirable result.

Contract Management
The Contract Management Module addresses the automation and management of the Contract Lifecycle Management, including compliance right down to a line item level. This includes salient contract management elements such as:

  • Indices
  • Rates of Exchange
  • Terms & Conditions
  • Cost Breakdowns
  • Reminders and proactive notifications
  • Centralisation of all source documents


Purchase Management
The Purchase Management Module facilitates end users in the enterprise to create electronic baskets from existing Contracts or awarded Quotations, enabling the complete buy side transaction of the selected goods or services. Once again, automation facilitates the final reach, after approval, to the Supplier electronically, with a full supplier order management function available. On delivery, the GRN process can be completed by the end user, invoice matched, and then the transaction can be released and interfaced to the payment process of the customer. eAuctions The Intenda e-Auction Module is proven and effective and has been used successfully over many years in the UK market. This feature is available as an alternate or complimentary sourcing action for the driving down of costs in the enterprise. Management Reporting Console As an underlying base to the complete Intenda Solution Suite, the Management reporting Console adds value to the existing reports embedded in the various modules, where applicable. A variety of standard reports are available within the system (screen based), as output from the system (paper based) or additional reporting via the reporting tools available as part of the solution. As the system is based on an open platform database, report writer tools can be used to build additional customised reports (by the customer or by Intenda).