COVID-19 has had an unprecedented impact worldwide
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The COVID-19 pandemic has ravaged countries around the world, leaving an indelible mark on the global economy and projected to lead the most synchronised global downturn on record.

It has also had an unprecedented impact on individuals, healthcare systems and economies worldwide.

Economic pressures aside, caring for people with COVID-19 has seen hospitals and health centres overwhelmed; there are capacity constraints on PPE, the number of critical care beds, the number of ventilators, and the ability to test for active infections.

There should be strategies in place for optimising PPE supplies.


The demand on healthcare systems means that the distribution of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) which includes facemasks, surgical gowns, eye protection, and gloves, must be optimised to save patients and frontline workers alike.

According the CDC (Centre for Disease Control and Prevention), there should be strategies in place for optimising PPE supplies. These strategies range from conventional capacity to contingency capacity and lastly crisis capacity (as for COVID-19).

So, how do you go about procuring and distributing PPE without a holistic view of current COVID-19 “hot-spots”, where suppliers are located or the co-ordinates of the nearest, suitable healthcare facilities?


An extraordinary crisis calls for an extraordinary solution. Multiple organisations from public and private sectors need to collaborate and assist in containing the spread of the virus while enabling frontline workers to do what is required of them: caring for the sick.

Organisations from both the public and private sectors need to react, using advanced analytics to enable rapid responses. They need to combine forces and collaborate on best practices, mitigate risks and implement practical measures to manage the pandemic from a holistic vantage point.

Speed is of the essence in providing a collective data platform that provides accurate and detailed analyses of the data landscape from source to dissemination, across all data sources. These reports are crucial to the working groups relying on them to make informed decisions. These groups need real-time access to actionable data.

Enter Fraxses, a data platform that maximises the value of data by providing real-time insights that can be leveraged in decision making. It provides access across multiple data silos and is agnostic to technology, whether on-premise or in the cloud.

Fraxses creates views across disparate data sources (which may be distributed across various / different organisations and spread across different physical sites) to provide a single data set.

These data sources can include business applications, social media, existing data warehouses and machine learning applications.


  • The Fraxses data platform provides a single point of truth for your work group, whether they be operations managers, data analysts or data scientists, integrating large volumes of data from different sources to provide a single, consolidated view.

  • Fraxses ships standard with over 230 connectors (data sources) out-of-thebox, which enables rapid connection and requires no coding. The work group can move data easily and immediately. Some of these connectors include Oracle Excel, Google Drive, Salesforce, SAP, Twitter, and Facebook, to name a few.

  • Fraxses enables role-driven data security across the board, from access to data sources and objects to the lowest level of data rows and columns. Data can be masked to give organisations complete control over who can see what, without having to make any coding changes or writing different views for different users.


  • Expedite the distribution of PPE to the right healthcare facilities at the right time by procuring from the closest suppliers with readily available inventory.

  • Reduce the reporting burden by streamlining the process and helping working groups to better understand hospital capacity to inform potential reallocation of PPE.

  • Predict future need through Fraxses’ capacity to quickly deliver data for the compilation of algorithms and project dates for peak infection rates and hospital demand.
Fraxses ships standard with over 230 connectors (data sources) out-of-the-box, which enables rapid connection and requires no coding.
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Fraxses ships standard with over 230 connectors (data sources) out-of-the-box, which enables rapid connection and requires no coding.
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