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Market Guide for Active Metadata Management by Gartner® and Fraxses

The recently published Gartner® Market Guide for Active Metadata Management focuses on the importance of active metadata management and provides market insights and recommendations for business analytics leaders.

The growing demand for augmented data management is driving the requirement for active metadata management. The Market Guide observes that “Existing metadata management tools are increasingly incapable of fulfilling comprehensive metadata needs in the enterprise”, and that “Metadata capabilities embedded in most data management solutions must expand to provide metadata analysis for all types of metadata categories from any platform”.

As is well documented, Intenda’s flagship product, Fraxses, is all about metadata and leveraging metadata to maximum effect. There is significant overlap between the active metadata management solutions the Market Guide advances, and the way in which Fraxses handles metadata. We at Intenda believe that the platform’s capabilities place it in the upper half of the Market Guide’s Metadata Management Technology Maturity graph, and we’re pleased to be recognised for Fraxses in the list of representative vendors. It is, however, important to state that Fraxses is a data platform, rather than an active metadata management solution. Yes, it facilitates active metadata management, but its capabilities extend beyond this, encompassing data integration, data quality and governance, data virtualisation, and more.

In our latest blogpost, we examine the Market Guide in juxtaposition to Fraxses, highlighting two key areas of divergence between the two, and outlining some of the exciting new functions Fraxses users can look forward to in 2023.  

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Opus is the low-code/no-code application development platform that forms part of Fraxses. As a configuration-driven tool, Opus enables Intenda to develop bespoke solutions and custom applications far more rapidly and at a lower cost than would be possible with traditional development frameworks.

While Opus is not commercially available, our customers can leverage its power via our bespoke development offering. It has already delivered some notable successes. In our next newsletter, we’ll share a success story that demonstrates the immediate impact that the solutions we build in Opus can have on our customers’ businesses.

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