Johannesburg, South Africa – 1 June, 2021

Intenda has announced the launch of a new module which will be incorporated into its distributed data platform, Fraxses, during Q2 of 2021. The module, known as Fraxses Insights, will replace the platform’s existing data visualization module, AnalyticZ.


As an innovation-driven company, Intenda places a focus on continuously improving its products. Since its initial launch in 2014, Fraxses has undergone a series of advancements – each release introducing new features and functions that have kept the platform at the cutting edge of data management solutions. As the latest advancement, Fraxses Insights introduces a powerful embedded analytics component that is set to entrench Fraxses’ position as the world’s foremost distributed data platform.


As organizations negotiate the process of digital transformation, those that democratize their data are the most successful. Consequently, Fraxses was designed as a low-code/no-code platform that puts the power of data in the hands of business users. While AnalyticZ, the predecessor to Fraxses Insights, did enable Fraxses users to plug their external BI tools into the platform and query data objects, the new module’s embedded BI represents an important leap forward.


The Fraxses Insights module leverages leading business analytics technology with a proven track record in the embedded BI space. This technology facilitates functions that empower business users to engage with data in unprecedented ways. These include the capability to build highly interactive dashboards that make real-time monitoring and analysis of business performance easier and more engaging than ever before. Fraxses Insights also enhances the platform’s data discovery capabilities, supporting both traditional reporting and modern BI analysis and delivering assisted insights that enable customers to better understand their data. The new Fraxses Insights module brings advancements in the preparation of data for analysis, and in the cleaning and merging of data. In addition, it introduces a data storytelling component that enables Fraxses users to provide context to the data, which translates to better business insights.


The introduction of this embedded functionality is a key milestone in the evolution of Fraxses and gives the platform a distinct edge over other products in the market. Intenda’s Group CEO, Dean Peerless comments: “We performed an extensive search to find a suitable partner in technology for our business analytics module that complements our Fraxses offering. This is a significant move for Intenda and Fraxses in particular. Bringing Yellowfin into our technology stack, and partnering with AIGS, the Sub-Saharan Africa Distributor, Fraxses Insights perfectly rounds off Fraxses to fulfil the needs of any business.”


Fraxses is a metadata-driven solution that leverages intelligent data products to provide an on demand, universal source of truth. A key advantage is the platform’s capability to connect disparate data sources so that they function as a single virtual environment, regardless of their physical location or the technology they’re in. Thus Fraxses supports a decentralized architecture, whereby data is served to users directly from the source. This approach delivers unparalleled speed to data, and is far more efficient and cost-effective than traditional data frameworks, which require data to be copied or moved before it can be consumed. In advancing a distributed architecture, Fraxses provides Intenda’s customers with the ideal framework on which to create a data fabric or mesh within their organizations. Fraxses Insights with embedded BI further entrenches Fraxses’ position as the most powerful and versatile data platform on the market. This unique innovation takes Fraxses ever closer to delivering all the functions and capabilities industry leaders require for a product to be considered a complete data fabric solution.


Yellowfin is a global analytics firm that was founded in 2003. Acknowledged by industry experts as a leader in innovation, Yellowfin is recognised as a Visionary in the Gartner Magic Quadrant, in which it has featured for the past seven years. The company specialises in embedded analytics, its global customer base numbering some 30,000, and spanning multiple industries and regions. To deliver on its mission of helping customers understand their businesses better, Yellowfin puts the end user first, placing a particular focus on the needs of business users.

Marilé Peerless
Marketing Executive – Intenda Group
+27 12 663 8815

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