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Intenda is now on YouTube

We’re proud to announce the launch of the Intenda YouTube channel!

As our customers will know, we have a Vimeo channel on which we’ve previously published company and product-related videos and Fraxses tutorials. We intend to maintain that channel, but with YouTube being the number one go-to for internet users, it’s high time Intenda established a presence on the platform. So, that’s the thinking behind our new channel, which becomes your primary port of call for all Intenda and Fraxses video content!

The YouTube channel is now live, and our first videos have been published. These are: 

Cheetah Release Notes: This video introduces the recently launched Cheetah release. It summarises the integration of Kyuubi into the platform, and provides a high level overview of the  features, fixes and enhancements to be found in the latest version of Fraxses. The video, which can be viewed by anyone, supplements the comprehensive Cheetah Release Notes that are accessible to our customers via the Intenda Customer Portal. 

Legoz Quick Start – Basic Setup: This three-part presentation provides a comprehensive introduction to Legoz, with step-by-step instructions on how to perform key functions. Part 1 covers the process of creating a new Organisation, assigning Roles and associating them with the Organisation. It goes on to demonstrate how the functional Role Types of Owner, Developer, and Super User are assigned and utilised, how menu access can be restricted based on role assignment, and how to create User Accounts and link these to the relevant Roles. Part 2 demonstrates how to create a Data Source and assign security roles to control access, while Part 3 showcases the system’s security measures, and how Data Objects can be leveraged to control access to data. 

These videos are accessible to all, and are a must-watch whether you’re an experienced Fraxses user who’d like to get a feel for the workflow and user experience the Cheetah release offers, or someone who has never interacted with Fraxses but is curious about the platform. 

We hope you enjoy our YouTube channel! We’ll be publishing more Legoz training videos and other relevant content on a regular basis. If you like what you see, be sure to Like and Subscribe! 

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