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We’re proud to announce the launch of the Intenda Wiki!

This online repository is your go-to location for information about Intenda products. Fraxses takes centre stage for the launch, but in the coming months, the Wiki will expand to cover other products in our suite.

The Fraxses Wiki is bursting with information about our distributed data platform. The content is presented in chapters, beginning with an overview, explanations of integral concepts and elements, and a summary of the Fraxses customer journey. It then goes onto the Getting Started and Fraxses Basics sections, which introduce some key functions and include engaging videos from our Fraxses U series. The Fraxses Advanced section outlines some of the platform’s most powerful capabilities. There’s a chapter on the platform’s new data visualisation module, Fraxses Insights, another on Platform Security, and a summary of the tutor-led Fraxses training courses we offer.

The FAQs section is where you’ll find answers to the questions we typically receive from prospective, new and experienced Fraxses users.

Along with the Fraxses Wiki and FAQs sections, our Glossary is also live. It contains definitions of terms that are relevant in the data and analytics world, covering everything from concepts and processes, through programming languages and products, to acronyms and architectural models. Each definition includes links to external webpages where you can further your understanding.

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In addition to this publicly available content, our customers can look forward to a whole lot more Fraxses-related content on the Wiki in our closed-community portal. This includes Platform Training modules, comprehensive Platform Documentation, and detailed Platform Deployment guidelines.


The edge that Fraxses gives businesses across diverse industries is well documented, however, its potential as an internal audit solution has remained untapped – until now. Essential as it is for businesses, internal audit is an expensive and complex undertaking. Challenges auditing functions face include budgetary constraints, skills shortages, difficulty in accessing data, executing swift responses to problems and complying with data privacy legislation. Efficiency is compromised by a reliance on IT support to leverage analytics, and the need to copy or move data from one location to another before it can be used. Fraxses offers a compelling solution to these challenges. In enabling internal audit teams to access data directly and in real-time, the platform eradicates the need for data to be copied or moved, together with reliance on IT. The fact that Fraxses leverages metadata-driven data products that facilitate data virtualization but hold no data is ideal in terms of data privacy legislation, because it allows for disparate systems and geographical regions to be audited from a single location with full security. Fraxses assures auditors of data pedigree and lineage views, enhanced exception reporting, and includes a powerful embedded analytics component that does not require advanced technical skills. Along with the quality, efficiency and cost-effectiveness it promises, Fraxses represents a way for businesses to futureproof their internal audit functions. It enables continuous control monitoring, with artificial intelligence (AI) and machine intelligence (MI) capabilities inherently built into the platform architecture. Fraxses allows internal audit teams to adopt an Agile methodology, and empowers them to move beyond typical control and process testing and into dynamic risk management.

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