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How established companies can compete with digital disruptors 

The business world has undergone seismic changes in recent times, and continues to do so. In every major sector, established companies, long accustomed to dominating their industries, have been rudely awakened by the arrival on the scene of a new kind of competitor: the digital disruptor. 

Digital disruptors use technology to gain a competitive edge, responding quickly to market changes and offering products or services that are more attractive to customers than those of their competitors. As we’ve seen with the emergence of businesses such as Amazon – and the demise of established giants like Kodak – these companies have the capability to disrupt entire industries.

Investing in technology that enables them to streamline operations and enhance their customers’ experience is a non-negotiable requirement for any established company that hopes to compete with digital disruptors. The relationship between the company acquiring the technology, and the vendor it chooses to implement it, is as important as the technology itself. When seeking a technology partner, companies should think long-term, looking for vendors known not only for their cutting edge tech, but also for the standard of service they provide.

In our latest blogpost, Challenging the Challengers: How established companies can compete with digital disruptors, we look at the steps established companies can take to weather the digital disruption storm. We also explain why Intenda – as a digital disruptor with a proven track record in helping companies navigate the digital transformation journey – is the ideal partner to help your organisation challenge the new breed of challenger, and win!

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