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Our CTO demonstrates Fraxses Turaco’s key features

Turaco, the latest version of Fraxses, has been live for a few months now and we’ve been receiving some very positive feedback from our customers. Intenda’s Chief Technology Officer Jaco van Niekerk recently did a demo that provides a succinct overview of Turaco’s key features, and the recording is now available for you to view on our Vimeo channel.

The refreshed Legoz UI, one of key improvements in Turaco, is showcased throughout the demo, which begins with an explanation of how to connect Fraxses to data sources. Having connected to a database and a CSV file, Jaco goes on to show how Data Objects can be built that combine data from these sources.

Governance around Data Objects, facilitated by Object Versioning and the concept of Role Types, is arguably the most important new concept in this release. Jaco discusses how a new Data Object goes from Created, through Pending Approval to Published status, and how only certain Role Types can approve Data Objects for publication. The demo includes an explanation of the new Workspaces feature, shows how users can work on multiple Data Objects at the same time, and touches on building expressions for advanced analytical functions.

Whether you’re already using an earlier version of Fraxses or you’re entirely new to the platform, this demo will be of interest to you, providing an excellent overview of how data from multiple sources can be combined, governed, published, distributed, and reported on.


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