Great news for Fraxses users! Chameleon, the new release from your preferred data platform, is out this month. This release sees the introduction of powerful features that enhance the Fraxses experience and
enable you to get even more value from your data.

As with previous releases, Chameleon takes its name from the animal kingdom. Why Chameleon? Firstly, the chameleon is a highly versatile creature and can change colour according to its surroundings. This versatility is
something it has in common with Fraxses, which delivers on the needs of customers who utilise the platform in many different ways. And then there’s the chameleon’s unique ability to see more than one view at the same time,
by pivoting and focusing its eyes independently. Its phenomenal powers of sight evoke the extraordinary data visualisation capabilities that come with this dynamic new release of Fraxses.

Here’s a high level look at three key features to look forward to:


Insights is the platform’s new data visualisation module, featuring an embedded business analytics component powered by Yellowfin. The module enables Fraxses users to build highly interactive dashboards that make real- time monitoring and analysis accessible and engaging. It enhances the platform’s data discovery capabilities, supporting both traditional reporting and modern BI analysis, and delivering assisted insights that make data easier to understand. Insights also allows advancements in the preparation, cleaning and merging of data, and introduces a data storytelling capability that enables users to provide context to their data. Together, these functions deliver enhanced business insights and make this new and improved module a powerful tool for data innovation.

Entry is a smart web application that facilitates single sign-on within Fraxses. As the platform has evolved, new modules have been added. Entry ensures ease of navigation between these modules through a single sign-on into Fraxses. It provides users with a single location to access Fraxses modules directly, rather than having to enter their credentials each time they wish to access different modules.

OpenID Connect is an identity layer on top of the OAuth 2.0 authentication protocol. It allows web-based, mobile, and JavaScript clients to verify the identity of end-users based on the authentication performed by an authorisation server. Clients can use OpenID Connect to obtain basic profile information about end-users in an interoperable and REST-like manner. The specification suite is extensible, with optional features such as encryption of identity data, discovery of OpenID Providers and session management.

Together with Insights, Entry and OpenID Connect, the new release incorporates numerous enhancements and fixes, details of which can be found in our closed community portal.

The Intenda team is excited to see what our customers can achieve with Chameleon, the most powerful and versatile iteration of Fraxses to date!

Like to learn more? Reply to this email should you like to learn more about Fraxses or the Intenda offering. We are happy to answer your questions.


Thank you!